Sailor Moon pulp comic book redraw!

Everyday i go to work by train and i swear the person sitting next to me ALWAYS falls asleep on me and rest their head on my shoulder

Do i have a magnetic shoulder or sth ahahah i dont mind though i like it


"When Marnie Was There" aesthetic? 

Sorry i dont post much these days i have work so ..
But yea good night folks feed yourself and hydrate yourself well and live in the moment ok ily bye


I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards

"When Marnie Was There" aesthetic? 

getting a summer job has been such a good decision for me because it forces me not to be online as much and plus i need to wake up early and sleep early which is great. 

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'funashi', and 'self care' c:  

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Thanks for asking aaa

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a conversation i just had with a girl who lives really close to me
me: ohhh so you live like a block away from me then?
her: yeaah but i never see you around ...
me: yeah i never see you around either maybe it's because im always at home on the internet *dry laughter*
her: ahaha oh yeah me too me too
me: ........
her: ........
me: ........
her: ........
me: you watch orange is the ne-
her: Y ESS